• Ivory Classical Dining Table

    Model; Ivory Classical Dining Table
    Features : classical Design In solid Timer with Detailed craft finish
    Size: 1600w*900D*780H
    Availability: Out of Stocks
    Order available

    Quoted lead time; 8-10 weeks

    $1,399.00 $2,299.00
  • Vanes Classical Dining Table

    Model ; Vanes Luxury Classical Dining Table
    Features ; Luxury Curved Shape Made Of Solid Wood And Detailed Craft Finish
    Size: 1600W*900D*780H
    Availability : Out Of Stocks
    Order Available

    Quoted Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
    Wooden Frame colours : Black stains , White Stains . Golden Stains . Silver Stains.

    $1,499.00 $2,299.00

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